English Study Tips

Posted: Mei 24, 2010 in Bahasa Inggris

Learning another language is not easy, but most people can learn a second language IF they are willing to put in the necessary time. Here are some practical suggestions for studying effectively, overcoming anxiety, and learning the grammar and skills necessary for success in foreign language classes.


* Keep the area around your desk neat and tidy. If possible the area should be quiet.
* Have a scheduled study time for each school day.
* Sit down for 45 minutes intervals, followed by 15 minutes breaks.
* Having an achievable goal, like sitting for a set duration of time, is effectively to increase motivation.
* Reward yourself if and only if you meet your goal for that study session.
* Make note from your course book. This will help you with information that not covered in class.
* Prepare question about what you haven’t understood in that study session.
* Try to use new words. The more you use information, the more likely you are to remember it.
* Reviewed what you have studied just before you go to bed. You may be surprised at how well you remember the information the next morning.


* Procrastinate. Cramming is not beneficial for producing long term memory.
* Study on a computer. You will probably be tempted to check your email.
* Leave your cell phone on during study time. No matter who is calling or texting you, it can usually wait 45 minutes. Having your phone on during study time can be a major distraction.
* Study just after you have eaten. Studies have shown that thinking is slower after a meal.
* Space out. When you feel your mind begin to wander, remind yourself to concentrate.

*rewrite from: Catherine Bowwel
Senior Teacher of The British Institut


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